Care Guide: Tape Grass (Val)

Tape grass is quite possibly one of the easiest plants to grow underwater. It is tolerant to fluctuating water chemistry, which is a very good thing for beginners. In areas with particularly high pH or hard $(KGrHqZ,!pwFB,4zTr11BQ(UBWcZig~~60_35water, these plants are also a good choice. Though not commonly found in pet stores, these plants can be special ordered through pet stores or online.

Vals are interesting because they look exactly as their name implies. Long, 1-2 centimeter wide leaves will reach all the way to the top of the water if properly cared for. Add fertilizer monthly and your plants will propagate quickly. I began with several approximately six centimeter tall plants, which after two years had a root system at least a foot and a half in diameter. The plants themselves reached a little under three feet in height.

Tape grass is an excellent choice for a planted aquarium because of its extensive root system and its ability to multiply. Once planted, tap grass will provide the perfect escape for fish or whatever else may reside in your aquarium.

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