How to make your own Peanut Butter

file0001475091596Wanting to be healthier has led me to look into all sorts of different things. Some of my friends have told me that making my own Peanut Butter would be easy. For the past few days I have been trying to find the best price for peanuts. While peanuts are one of the cheapest nuts, the cost of making your own peanut butter can sometimes not even out. Thankfully today I found some peanuts that were 2 lbs for 3 dollars. From what I have found that is a fair price for peanuts.

The down fall, is that the peanuts that I bought, were Spanish Peanuts. I have read that I made a good choice because Spanish peanuts have more oil in them. I guess this makes a better peanut butter, but I am not a professional in this area what so ever. The reason why I feel that I picked wrong, was that Spanish Peanuts come with skins on them. I do not have a salad spinner, or any special tools to get the skins off the peanuts. The tools that I have are my hands. So for the first hour, I was taking skins off of peanuts. This took way too long, and honestly it would have been cheaper to buy a jar of peanut butter. *If you are going to make peanut butter, make sure you have a salad spinner. The salad spinner can help you take the skins off quick and easily*

I kept on. Once I had my pound of peanuts naked, it was time to put them in the blender. A food processor works great too.  Now you just throw your peanut powderblender on liquefy, and let the magic happen. Now after about the first minute or two you will have a powder like peanut mash. Stop your blender. Take a knife and scrape the sides. Cover your blender back up, and continue on liquefy. After about 30 seconds you will notice at the bottom peanut butter is starting to form. Keep on blending until all is mixed up. Stir once more if needed.
homemade peanut butterThere you have it. Take your peanut butter out of your blender or food processor, and put it in an air tight container. Store in your fridge for up to two months. Many people seem to want to add all sorts of stuff to their peanut butter. Just have it natural and as raw as possible. It tastes so good all by its self. I strongly suggest that before you add anything to your peanut butter, you try it first. Then if you want to add something, like a little more salt, or maybe a bit of coconut do so after you try it.  Also to let you know, when you want to use the peanut butter you will have to stir it up a little, as the oils will separate a little. Just give it a little stir with your butter knife or spoon, and you will be good to go.

I hope that you at least try to make your own peanut butter. Do you add anything to your homemade peanut butter? If so leave it in the comments. Or if you just want to say something nice, please feel free to do so.

I hope you enjoyed this guide. Thank you for reading,

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  1. Hi Garrett, I found your blog via the Aloha Blog Hop. I didn’t realize homemade peanut butter was so easy to make! I read a few of your other posts as well, and I’m definitely going to follow you. I’m interested in learning about living a greener lifestyle. Feel free to check out my blog. Hope you’re having a great weekend!