The Tallest Vertical Garden

The Tallest Vertical Garden.

sustainable,tower,garden“Located on the boundary of Rajagiriya and Kotte, Clearpoint residences is within easy access of Central Colombo, yet separate from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The tranquil environs of Kotuwegoda, by the tributaries of the Diyawanna Lake, provide the perfect balance of urban living in harmony with nature in what was the capital city of the ancient Kingdom of Kotte.” Clearpoint residencies.

Breath taking.
Wow, just look at that. I’ve seen a vertical garden on a pallet, and on tee pees, but that is just a behemoth. The tower is 46 stories tall. The upended garden building was designed by Maga Engineering, and Milroy Perera. Two companies that design some of the most beautiful buildings and spaces that you could imagine.  Clearpoint Residencies is in Sri Lanka, and is the country’s first sustainable high rise building. When I first seen the pictures I thought it was an odd idea for such a tall tower for plants.

apartment,balcony,tree,vertical garden But wait, you can live inside this place too.

The apartments are sleek and modern, with loads of natural light. Each balcony has it’s own garden. Thus cutting down on how much direct sun light the living space is exposed to. This will cut down on the need for air conditioning, as the living areas will be protected for harsh summer sun. An added benefit to plants on your terrace is the absorption of sound. The plants will keep busy street sounds from coming in, and keep your privet affairs more private. Also if you want to read a book under a quiet tree, you do not have to go too far.

I Can’t Keep plants alive!
If you don’t have a green thumb there is no need to worry, every garden has its own irrigation system. What a wonderful system. No need to make sure you are not over watering, and if you go on holiday the system takes care of things for you. Besides conserving water and giving the plants the right amount of water, the building has other green functions to it. On the roof are solar panels that will light common areas, work the elevators, grey water recycling system, and the sewage recycling system. If Clearpoint has any extra energy left over, they will sell it back to the grid. Not green enough for you? Clearpoint’s vertical garden system is also going to have a rain harvesting system. As the rain comes to the ground floor it will be mixed in with the grey water.  Grey water is water that comes from toilet flushes, showers, and bathroom sinks. As the Grey water is mixed with the rain water it is fed back into the system for flushing, and the drip irrigation system.

vertical garden,kitchen With just a breath taking view both inside and out, I can see vertical gardens  growing on our society in a major way. after all, just look at the living area. I for one know that I would love to move in to one of these. For more information, head over to Clearpoint Residencies. The project is expected to be complete in 2016. Are these buildings something that you would like to see more of? Does your city have a vertical garden in it? Let us know by posting a comment below. We would love to hear from you, and talk about what your community is doing to improve the world around you.vertical garden,living room


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