Yellow Sac Spider

I was watching Tv last night. While I was laying down, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. When I focused in on it, it was a nice meaty spider. I got up slowly, and smashed like no tomorrow. At first I did not know much about about this type of spider. After a bit of internet research I am glad that I was not bit.  The Yellow Sac spider is said to have a bite half as bad as a brown recluse spider.  I have noticed a few of these spiders around my house, and now today I will do my best to make sure I do not have more later.



About the Yellow Sac Spider.

The Yellow Sac Spider generally likes to be outside. This spider is a fairly common one in Michigan. The Yellow Sac likes to come indoors when the weather gets cold. They are just following their food. You can find this spider during the warmer season in leaf piles, gardens, piles of wood and tinder.  The population will spike during the fall. This is the time when you will see a lot of them indoors. An egg sac generally will contain 30-48 spiders. Some variances of the Sac Spider carry the eggs on their abdomen, others lay them in a safe location. It is best if you see a Sac Spider to not smash it as I did. This can sometimes set the spider-lings free. If you are up to it, take the spider out side, and let it go. One more thing, If you are bit by this spider, you will not lose an arm or anything but the bites will hurt for a couple of days, there will be some swelling, but should go away. If you are worried about a spider bite do have it checked out by your doctor.


If this spider is out side, it is very helpful to keeping down other pests. If this spider is indoors you will want to get rid of it. If you see a spider, take it out side. Any and all webs should be destroyed. If you notice an egg sac, either give it an alcohol bath, or take the sac out side. If you simply sweep the sac onto your broom the eggs may still hatch or break open.  Make sure that you reduce any and all bug populations in your home. Reduce the food reduce the spiders.
I have found that to keep bug control down in my house, I laid out some sticky traps used to catch mice, insects, spiders, and snakes. These traps work fairly well on keeping down populations of insects. A tip to catch the most. leave the trap open faced, and under  the TV(turned on) with the lights off for a few nights. The bugs will be attracted and concentrated around the TV, and fall or be attracted to the trap once around it.
Chemicals do not really work on spiders. Chemicals need to fall directly on a spider to kill it. If you feel that you have no other choice but to use Chemicals, call Orkin, or any pest control in your area. This spider has a nasty bite, and lays a lot of eggs. Make sure that you take care of it as quickly as possible.

I hope this really helps. Spiders are no joke. If you feel I have left an important piece of information out, let me know so I can add it in.



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